TendrX is a marketplace platform to drive new partnerships, transparency and matchmaking in logistics with many functionalities for shippers and carriers. TendrX was founded in 2020.”

TendrX wants to become the world’s leading logistics community platform. On our platform shippers can find new carriers, manage carrier relationships and carriers can find new tenders to participate in and build new partnerships with shippers.

Pieter Kinds, the founder of TendrX has been active in different ventures in media, Freight Audit and logistics technology over the span of 23 years and is the CEO and owner of Freightender, a leading cloud-based logistics procurement platform. Above all he is driven by salesmanship and through Freightender it became clear carriers are lacking visibility of interesting long-term business opportunities while shippers miss the ability to find suitable carriers.

That is where the TendrX concept was born and with a small team we started development of the platform in 2019 with a vision to digitize sales and relationships in logistics.

Many interesting functionalities are in our development roadmap of the near future as we are looking to deliver continuously increasing value to shippers and carriers.

Pieter Kinds

Founder & CEO TendrX

Bohdan Diatlenko

Co-founder & COO TendrX