Shipper         Carrier         Forwarder


Combine the shipper & carrier role into 1 and get the best from both worlds!


Create your own carrier database

Always have your own carrier community at your finger tips. Create carrier categories so you can easily invite them or follow their updates.


Find carriers

Based on your shipment profile we match carriers automatically. You can also browse carrier profiles yourself. Globally, regionally and locally!


Launch tenders

Upload your shipment file for an upcoming tender and we find the matching carriers for you, in seconds. Carriers can also find your tender and apply to take part.


Rate your carriers

Give carriers a rating, add feedback and build a comprehensive understanding of your carrier portfolio.


Communicate with carriers

Communicating with carriers was never so easy, from 1 platform with our chat function.


Stay up to date on carrier news

Carriers share their news and updates within our community so you know what is going on in your carrier network.


Boost your online presence!

Create your profile that represents who you are and what you do to get more exposure to the logistics community.


Browse tenders

Apply to tenders that fit your profile.


Get invited by shippers to their tenders

Thanks to our matching engine shippers can find you easily based on their shipment profile, the shipper sees exactly which carriers match with his tender profile.